Argentine Tango Dance Shows is more than a dance choreography or a musical style. Many tango dancers say it is a way of life. It has been called “a secret danced between two people”, a “feeling that is danced”, and “a walking embrace.” Tango is a non-verbal, intuitive language that cuts through the barriers of nationality, age, and personal background.

The roots of tango lie in African candombe, Cuban habanera, and the waltzes, mazurkas, and polkas of 19th Century European immigrants to Argentina and Uruguay. Tango arose from the melancholy, nostalgia, pain, and desire of people far from home. The well-known tango dancer, Carlos Gavito, calls tango “an immigrant music…It does not have a nationality. Its only passport is feeling.”


It is said that tango is not in the feet; it is in the heart. It is more about connection with your partner and expression of feeling than about choreography. The beauty of tango lies in being totally “present” with your partner and the music. Each dance is unique. Because tango is an improvisational dance, in which neither partner knows exactly what will come next, it demands heightened sensitivity to your partner, while still expressing yourself. It can bring out the best in both of you.

Since its Golden Age in the 1930s and 40s, tango is now going through a renaissance. Like Buenos Aires, Toronto is a multicultural city and the tango community is thriving here.

We hope you will join us and discover the magic of tango. Tango dancers will tell you that, once experienced, the magic is addictive.


Our authentic Argentine tango dancers are guaranteed to make your event stand out as they deliver a powerful and moving performance of this popular dance style, admired the world over for its complexity, elegance, and expressive sensuality.

Originating in Buenos Aires in the late 19th century, tango dancing is a true art form, and our skilled dancers will delight audiences at your event with their beautiful displays of this emotive dance, set to traditional tango music and featuring stunning costumes.

An impressively modern and high energy performance, our world-class tango dancers will bring truly dynamic entertainment to your special occasion, and leave your guests with lasting memories. Ideal for parties, themed events, festivals, gala dinners, ceremonies, and more, enquire today about bringing our fantastic Argentine tango dancers to your event.

For more information or if you have any questions about Argentine Tango dance shows, please feel free to visit our contact page or call our booking manager at 647-309-3954 today!

Argentine Tango Shows - Tango Dancers

Argentine Tango Shows – Tango Dancers
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