Ballroom Dance Shows quickly became one of the most favorite dance entertainment styles in North America. There are numerous TV shows like “Dancing With The Stars”, “So You Think You Can Dance” that exposed the elegance, beauty and inspiration aspect of this smooth and classy dance style.

Today it is very difficult to find a person who have never heard of Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot or Quickstep. But if you are looking for a stunning entertainment for your event you are in a right place. Sunset Dance Shows Team is specializing in Ballroom and Latin Dance Shows. Here are the most important things you need to know about Ballroom Dancing before you make a choice on your event entertainment:


Ballroom dance is a partnership dance where couples, using step-patterns, move rhythmically, expressing the characteristics of music. Ballroom dancing is also known as Standard.

This style focuses on the elegance, grace and fluidity of movement. Dancers rotate in a counter-clockwise direction, moving around the entire floor. The couple is constantly moving on the dance floor, transitioning from one place to the next in a fixed pattern. The Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz and Quickstep are danced in this manner.

Ballroom Dancers For Hire

This elegant style will bring a bit of romance and grace to every event. “Sunset Dance Shows” offers the best ballroom dancers that are professionally trained and have a years of experience in entertainment industry. We perform custom dance shows of any length with exquisite decorations and stunning elegant costumes. The highly professional and coordinated performances by our team will surely capture your audience’s attention.

Moreover, our ballroom dancers can also work as brilliant instructors and provide your guests with an exciting experience, adding even more fun to the event. Under their careful guidance, all invited can get acquainted with the basic patterns of the beautiful waltz and foxtrot or add some hot Latin rhythms to the ball room. The dancers of our company practice all popular American ballroom and Latin styles.

Ballroom Dancers - Slow Waltz Picture

Ballroom Dance Shows – Slow Waltz Dancers

About Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is all about executing dances coming from various backgrounds which have special aesthetics, techniques, tempos, and rhythms. They may all appear very different yet they are the same expression of feelings, emotions, and thoughts. These dances may have stricter motion because they have limited body movement and range of steps. But these are still one of the best ways to convey feelings of joy, pain, and love between a couple.

Performing this dance requires two individuals who are usually a man and a woman. It begins with the pair in closed hold position where they hold each other as they face at least approximately toward each other. The position means either body support or contact. The position necessitates that they are strictly in contact in five different points consisting of three hand contact, one chest contact, and one elbow contact.

The first hand contact happens when the male performer’s left hand holds the female performer’s right hand. The second is when the female performer’s left hand rests on top of the male performer’s right upper arm. In tango, however, the female dancer’s left hand rests behind the male dancer’s arm and not on top of it. The third one takes place when the male’s right hand goes under the left shoulder-blade of the female’s back.

The fourth one occurs when the female’s left elbow rests on the male’s right elbow and both their arms are in a horizontal line. With the female’s arm comfortably resting, she is then able to follow the male’s lead. This particular move gives the couple the bearing of a royalty, which is an important factor in ballroom dances given that they are performed in the royal courts.

Finally, the last point of contact is when the partners’ right chests touch together. The closeness of the position gives almost no room between them so they appear to be intimately facing each other. This adds to the romantic of the dance.

Ballroom dancing these days involve 10 dances which include the standard five dances and the five International Latin dances.

The Standard Five Ballroom Dance Shows

There are standard five dances in ballroom dancing. These are the tango, Viennese waltz, slow waltz, foxtrot, and quickstep.


This type of ballroom dance is currently enjoyed by millions of people from around the globe. It is a playful style made more vibrant by the dancers’ rich expressions and step improvisation. The one thing required in this dance is the burning passion and deep connection between its performers.

The core of this dance is all about the leader and the follower. The leader tightly holds the follower as the former gives openings on what to do. It is up to the follower how to respond. The result is a dance of improvisation. Another essential element of tango is the attire as this adds to the visual impact of the performance. The female dancers most notably exudes elegance and sexuality as they don revealing outfits and high heels

Viennese and Slow waltz

The waltz was originally danced by peasants in Germany in the 13th century, with steps filled with glides, rolls, and turns. Viennese waltz is performed at a tempo of around 180 beats per minute involving limited range of figures. These include Hesitations, Change Steps, Hovers, Natural and Reverse Turns, Passing Changes, Pivots, Fleckerls, and the Contracheck.

Fabulous costumes is an integral part of the dance. The floating, smooth and spinning motions of the dances favors full, circular skirts as they add flair and fullness to the movements. The hems should also have that theatrical knack.


The foxtrot is a ballroom dance that is characterized as simple, romantic, and beautiful. The movements is composed of walking steps and side steps which combines slow and quick steps. Thus, the footwork is generally “slow, slow, quick, quick” or “slow, quick, quick”. It must be danced very smoothly so there should be no unnecessary jerking of the body. It may be tagged as simple yet it is more challenging than all the other styles so one has to have a mastery of the quickstep and waltz first before delving into this type of dance.

The foxtrot is performed to a big band swing-style music although it can be danced to most types of music. For this dance, the first and third beats are strongly accented compared to the second and fourth beats. It is usually danced to music written in 4/4 time while the tempo is about 120 to 136 beats per minute.


Dancers of the quick step are energetic and appear extremely light on their feet as they perform an elegant, glamorous and smooth dance. If the performers are doing the dance the way it should be, they will look as if they barely touch the floor. The upper body is extremely straight and strong as the entire routine is performed to give it an airy and light appearance.

This dance if full of joy so people enjoy to watch and practice it. This type of ballroom dance follows the 4/4 time pattern. It has slow and quick steps with the slow parts done on the heel and the quick parts done on the balls of the feet.

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